We offer open models for private label and tailored service for your new branded collection developments.

Our open models designs are existing styles of eyewear ready to be decorated with your custom logo, etchings and inner markings.

This is the least expensive and generally most painless method to start or expand an eyewear line as there are limited to no setup fees and production is significantly faster. Although technically not produced in a mold, we also offer existing acetate styles ready for your private label.

If you have a project that requires a new mold or tooling to be forged, a 2D drawing with exact specifications (.dxf or .pdf or .ai) or a handmade prototype is a good place to start. We can also help you with design engineering including 2D or 3D CAD drawings of your concept.

For more information on our private label services, please contact us at ellegi@la-giardiniera.it