We manufacture premium injected plastic eyewear and handmade acetate frames, all 100% Made in Italy. Frames and sunglasses require great attention to detail because they are critical in supporting lenses to improve vision. They must be comfortable for the wearer, and they are an accessory to professional dress and personal style. Although processes for making our frames are performed by machines, our operators are responsible for each step and are quality control checkers for their particular operations.

In our plant, we have a fully developed chain of production extending from the preparation of moulds and toolings to the final product.

Design & Toolings

Design is the foundation of a good product. Before preparing equipment for production, we study every detail of a new frame. Our goal is to identify and resolve – at the design stage – every problem which might emerge during the production process and to choose the most appropriate technical solutions and the most suitable raw materials.

Acetate frames

Fronts and temples are carved from Mazzucchelli’s or LA/ES’ cellulose acetate. Cellulose acetate is derived from cotton and is flexible and strong. It is produced in long narrow sheets that are slightly wider than eyeglass frames. Individual parts are hand polished and assembled into a full frame.

Plastic Injection

Production begins with the injection of the plastic parts, which are then tumbled and assembled to create frames ready for lacquering. Our large, modern machine shop enables us to meet any production requirement, from double-injection to the use of the most advanced techno-polymers.


Painting and lacquering of injected eyewear are conducted in pressurized rooms. The skills and experience of our artisans allow them to produce the most elegant refinements: it is at this stage that a simple frame can become a little masterpiece, with beautiful colours, eye-catching highlights, and subtle shading.

Lens Cutting

Fully automated machines carry out lens cutting. Continuous instrumental monitoring guarantees compliance with all the international norms.


A large range of additional processes can be used to enhance the finished article, including laser engraving, inlay decorations, application of rhinestones, and genuine leather coverings. Each piece is rigorously checked to guarantee the best quality and comfort to all our customers.


Private label

The flexibility of our production process enables us to produce exclusive products from the production of unique moulds and customized prototypes to the application of private labels, giving us the capacity to personalize our collections to your specifications. Customization options include metal icons, laser etching, lens printing, crystals, leather, unique colors, gemstones and more.